Saturday, October 20, 2012

Skylanders: Base 32 Aesthetic Rankings

First off let me just apologize for just now posting this video.  As you can tell, it was shot way back in June.  I fully intended to upload it and the other 2 installments (gameplay and overall), but held off because I didn't want to sway or contaminate any of the polls going on with my personal opinions etc.

I then planned to get these up shortly after the first Battle Tournament wrapped up, but sadly I couldn't track them down.  I finally found them tonight and I've edited the first two and figured I just as well post them as it is still a question I get asked a lot (ie who is your favorite Skylander?  Who do you like to play chapters with?  Which one do you think looks the best? etc).

So, here is my take on how they rate look wise:

Skylanders Base 32 Aesthetic Rankings

Just to clarify this is me ranking the Skylanders based on their looks alone.  Nothing else was taken into account for this video.  I also want to stress these are just my opinions.  Where I rank Prism Break #1, someone else my rank him #32 etc.  This stuff is all very subjective...

Here they are in text/list format:

  1. Prism Break
  2. Warnado
  3. Lightning Rod
  4. Zook
  5. Ignitor
  6. Dino-Rang
  7. Terrafin
  8. Wham-Shell
  9. Stump Smash
  10. Zap
  11. Sonic Boom
  12. Slam Bam
  13. Camo
  14. Trigger Happy
  15. Wrecking Ball
  16. Drobot
  17. Double Trouble
  18. Flameslinger
  19. Chop Chop
  20. Voodood
  21. Ghost Roaster
  22. Eruptor
  23. Stealth Elf
  24. Gill Grunt
  25. Boomer
  26. Sunburn
  27. Drill Sergeant
  28. Bash
  29. Spyro
  30. Whirlwind
  31. Hex
  32. Cynder
Feel free to chime in with your top and bottom, or even the complete list!

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