Friday, October 26, 2012

Skylanders Giants Unboxing LightCore Prism Break

Unboxing LightCore Prism Break

What?  LightCore Prism Break

Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us

What Did It Cost?  $11.99 plus tax

What is Included?  LC Prism Break, Stat Card, Sticker, and Web Code

What Lights Up?  On my LC Prism Break it is both arms.

What Was the Stock Like?  Plentiful.  It seems most people go for Giants, new Skylanders, and Series 2 Skylanders over the LightCore.  I think this is in part to a lot of people simply not knowing what they are just yet.  I'll keep my eyes on things.

Quick Character Info: LightCore Prism Break

Slogan: "The Beam is Supreme!"

Card Stats:
-Strength: 95/150
-Defense: 100/150
-Agility: 10/150
-Luck: 75/150

And just fyi for those wondering, Granite Crusher has the EXACT SAME card stats...I'll compare their in-game stats once I've gotten to play.


This video was a little long, but it is only because it is the first LightCore I have unboxed and I wanted to cover a few extra things...I plan to fully explain the difference in a gameplay video to help folks out.

Basically, what I have found is that my wireless Wii portal from Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is plenty strong to fully light up the figures.

At the time of recording I didn't know what the camera would see, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it showed the light-up features.  In future unboxings (past Crusher), I will just quickly show it with the lights on and off.

More Information:

LightCore figures work in both games...however, that needs to be clarified.  LightCore Prism Break will only have his "Flash Bomb Effect" in Giants.  That said, he will serve as a playable character in Spyro's Adventure, but will lack the aforementioned "Flash Bomb."  While that may not suit some, it can help you save by not having to buy a Series 1 if you are content with that.

The other thing to note is that LightCore figures DO NOT have the "Wow Pow" powers like their Series 2 counterparts.

If all of that is confusing, don't worry...I'll reiterate it in the gameplay vids.

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