Friday, October 19, 2012

Skylanders Giants: My Plans

You know, the video below is pretty bad...It is too long and not to the point...In fact, I didn't even cover everything I wanted to...For the record I am dead-beat tired.  I'm battling my eyes closing as I type and flirting with stamping QWERTY into my forehead.

That said here is the video and below it is a run-down that I think is much more efficient than the vid, but I realize most people want a video more than they want to read...

Quick Synopsis 

I have pre-ordered the following: Walmart Exclusive GITD Starter Pack (3DS), Golden Dragonfire Battle Pack from GameStop, (2) Legendary Triple Packs (TRU Hot Toy List), and all 8 Light Core Single Pack Figures.

I am going to try to hit Walmart Saturday night (midnight) for a GITD Wii Starter Pack and I'll pick up whatever new releases float my boat.

Sunday I will likely go to Target to try and get Granite Crusher.

After leaving Target I'll hit up TRU for my pre-orders and to see if I can get anything I missed at Walmart including the TRU Exclusive L-Bouncer and L-Stealth Elf.

If I still have it in me I'll go to GameStop for my Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack.

Monday I will check and see if the Light Core Pre-Orders have shipped.

So yeah, there you have it...much quicker than the video, no?  Anyway, for those wanting more detail I took the top questions I've been getting lately and answered them below.  If you've got a follow up or different question feel free to ask!

Common Questions

Q: Are you going to do a playthrough of Giants?

A: Yes, it will be blind...I'll go thru right away and kind of take things as they come...I'll either go chapter to chapter, or work on completing an entire chapter (all goals/objectives) before advancing.

I plan to complete the game and go back for Nightmare Difficulty!  The only catch is I would like to have more of the "new" Skylanders when this goes down...I may drag it out if we are missing new figures or Giants etc.

Q: What do you plan to buy?

--The Game

A: Wii Starter Pack (Walmart Exclusive).  I was going to just get the Portal Owner's Pack, but after reading about Light Core figures not being bright and batteries in the portal going down fast, it makes sense to spring for the Starter Pack that includes the Portal, S2 Cynder, and Jet-Vac.  Did I mention that the Wal-Mart/Sam's Club Exclusive Starter Pack features GITD Cynder and a GITD Portal?  It is the way to go in the US imo....

B.  3DS Starter Pack (Walmart Exclusive).  I PRE-ORDERED this one.  Why?  New GITD Portal, GITD Cynder, and most importantly Punch Pop Fizz (similar to last year's 3DS Exclusive Dark Spyro).  If I can get it local I'll cancel my pre-order.

C.  Wii U Starter Pack.  This one will depend on how well I like the game and if I can justify picking it up...I'll likely be content with the Wii version, but we will monitor it...

--The Characters

A: All the Giants.  I'm not a huge fan of some of them aesthetically, but they are new and different. I hope they are fun.

B: All the new Skylanders.  I'm much more interested in "new" Skylanders than simple reposed figures.

C: All the Light Core Skylanders.  This is new and unique.  These are also PRE-ORDERED via Single Packs from TRU.

D: All the Legendaries.  I got used to them from last year (SSA) and happen to like the line-up.

E: I'll pick up some Series 2 Skylanders, but it will likely come down to if I like the Skylander, if their pose is cool, and how they are distributed etc.  Just as an example (this is not an actual pack), but say Dino-Rang and Warnado were in a Triple Pack with Hex I would get it...Logic there being I like 2 of them very well and it is cheaper to get the triple pack etc.  Again, please note that is not a Triple Pack...DR and Warnado aren't even being reproduced, lol.

F: The BattlePacks. This is new and unique...I'll give them a shot.  I have the GOLDEN DRAGONFIRE CANNON on PRE-ORDER from GameStop.

G: Any variants I find in stores.  There are ton of variants already known and more coming...I won't break the bank for any, but if I can get one for retail I'll go for it.

Q: Will you do unboxings?

A: Yes.  I will treat Giants stuff the same way I did Spyro's Adventure.

Q: What are you most looking forward to?

A: Nightmare Difficulty

Q: Who is your favorite Giant?

A: Going only off looks I'd say it is a toss up between Crusher and Eye Brawl.  I actually don't mind Tree Re x either.  Keep in mind, this could change once I know how they play etc.

Q: Who is your favorite new Skylander?

A: Going off looks only, Jet-Vac (definitely not the popular choice).  Again, once I factory in game play this could change.  Fright Rider looks cool too.

Q: Will you go for a complete collection?

A: Define complete.  I doubt it this time around.  There are just too many characters and variants etc.  I will definitely try to pick up my favorites and I might change my mind, but you can bank on me not paying over retail for anything.

Q: When will you start videos (unboxing and playthrough)?

A: Don't hold me to it, but this will likely start up on release day.

Q: Are you going to keep doing Battle Tournament Polls?

A: Yes, everyone seemed to like them...I'll start them up ASAP.

And now for some generic questions I've been getting or that are kind of relevant...

Q: Where have you been?

A: I have been ridiculously busy.  I honestly have not recorded anything major since June when I last recorded Mario Kart Wii, MP9, and had issues with Skyward Sword.

Q: What have you been playing?

A: Honestly just Wii Fit Plus and 3DS from time-to-time.

Q: Have you recorded anything since June?

A: Yes.  I do have some Super Smash Bros. Brawl stuff and a decent amount of Skylanders Battle Mode.  I might actually work on uploading some of it this weekend.

Q: Are you getting a Wii U?

A: Yes, Black Premium Bundle...even though I don't have a TV with HDMI inputs, lol.

Q: When will you upload Mario Kart Wii and Mario Party 9?

A: Soon on MKW.  I still have Parts 9-16 ready to upload...I'm not sure anyone ever guessed who I would be using, but I guess it doesn't really matter.  I might record the 150cc stuff during Giants or after the initial playthrough if I wait on some more releases or a new Wave for Nightmare.
Mario Party 9 will likely resume AFTER the initial Giants playthough and maybe after the Nightmare run.

Q: What's next?

A: Giants.  After that Mario Kart Wii, Mario Party 9, and then back to surprises.

Q: Will you get to upload regularly?

A: I hope so.  I had pegged this past weekend as when things would slow down for me and they really have...I'm still busy, but not near as much as I was the last 3-4 months.

Q: Will you blog more?

A: Yes.  I should get back to the usual once a week, if not more, post schedule.

Q: Anything else cool?

A: Why yes...I recorded my favorite Skylanders (looks and game play) several months ago.  As soon as I can find the videos I will upload them.  I held off because I didn't want to make anyone biased on the Battle Tournament Polls.


That is about it...I am super tired, but slightly more alert than when I started typing this.  *If* I can find my "Favorite Skylander" videos I will upload them tomorrow (Friday) and include them in a list form here on the blog.  I wanted to do that long ago, but held off to not contaminate the poll battles.

I am going to hit the hay (4:55 AM) and as mentioned, feel free to ask any other questions here on the blog.



  1. well u were right about coming to ur blog it is much easier then the vid. i want to get it but i hav to wait for christmas because im buying CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS II!!!!!!!
    so i hope i get alot of skylanders for christmas and i hope u have fun unboxing and doing the vids and playing with them. ( me jealous ) XD :) :D

    Reply Delete
    1. Haha, yep. The vast majority of people want a video and not text...I think this is much more efficient for anyone willing to put forth the effort. Nonetheless, most people watch vids without reading descriptions so I try to do both. For the record I was very tired when I made the last few videos.

      Hey, gotta keep your priorities straight. Whatever game you prefer is what I would make top on the pecking order. If I had my way I'd wait till the Wii U came out, but I'd like to play the game and the GITD Starter Pack was a big factor too.

      Hopefully you'll enjoy Black Ops and get a nice assortment of Skylanders for Christmas.

      Thanks, I should start unboxing either later today or tomorrow...depends when I head out and when stuff ships.


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