Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Skylanders Giants LightCore Pre-Order at TRU

Well once again I am delivering information straight to those of you that frequent the blog.  No leads on Google +, Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook...just right here on my favorite means of sharing information, the blog.

I want to stress that this will be up for only a limited amount of time (not the post, but rather the pre-order links).  TRU pulled the Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack and Single Pack pre-orders very quickly...likely after a set number of orders was taken.

That said, I did actually order these.  I want to believe things will be easier to find this time around and won't involve a month of trying to land 1 figure, but at this point it is an unknown.  I figured the Light Cores would be pretty cool so I pulled the trigger.  Interestingly all of them (4 old and 4 new) show a street date of 10/21...meaning pre-orders should ship Monday 10/22.

It will kind of suck if I waltz into TRU on release day and find all of these figures, but who knows what to expect right now?  I sure don't and that is why I went ahead and jumped the gun on these.

Anyway, enough rambling...here is what you really want:

LightCore Drobot:

LightCore Eruptor:

LightCore Hex:

LightCore Prism Break:

LightCore Chill:

LightCore Jet-Vac:

LightCore Pop Fizz:

LightCore Shroomboom:

I tend to just pre-order things I think will be hard to come by or "special."  The LightCore figures are unique and have special powers.  If funds get tight I will likely stick to just the LightCore version etc.

This game seemingly gets multiple new variants every day and to be honest, it is a bit overwhelming and hard to keep up with.  My strategy may simply be to go for what I like and what is new.  The variants of course are something I won't hesitate to pick up if I find one, but as for shelling out literally thousands just to obtain the select figures in overseas starter packs, console bundles etc...I WILL NOT go that far.

On a side note, I am still backlogged and insanely busy.  I'm working on some cool new Giants posts and updating the main thread.  Things should slow down for me a bit coming up...I'll try to get Giants content out as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and I hope you land your LightCore Skylanders!

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