Thursday, October 18, 2012

Updates Coming Soon 10/17/2012

Hey Everyone,

First off my apologies on not getting to the blog comments...I've always made it a point to get to them the night of (ie within 24 hours of you posting).  I've done that with the exception of this past week.

*I will hit all of them tomorrow night...

I think the last time I recorded anything for uploading (June) I mentioned that I was going to be pretty busy up through mid-October; Prophecy  fulfilled.

The good news is the big project I had going on is now wrapped up and I just lack some loose ends to take care of...It is always a big relief to get something like that taken care of...Sadly it has nothing to do with gaming, but since it does take up my free time it did impact how much time I had to game etc.

I am planning to record a video tomorrow (Thursday)...possibly two of them.

One will be a video I promised and can just now make happen and the other will be a channel update and some plans for Giants.

I honestly have not recorded anything (Mario Kart Wii or Mario Party 9) since June.  The little I did record was  few Skylanders Battles and I think I did a few matches in SSBB.  I do plan to upload them...I actually wanted to do it long ago.

I also have my personal Skylander ranks that I recorded months ago, but I can't seem to find the videos?!  I started to upload them and then pulled the vids because I didn't want that to sway any of the initial Skylander Battle Tournaments.

I have done Wii Fit most nights as it is routine, but past that and a few stray Skylander Battles or Super Smash Bros. Brawl I haven't gotten to do much with the Wii.  I did complete New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS pretty quickly.  Aside from that and the usual Find Mii/Street Pass Tags I haven't done much there either...

As mentioned though, the event I had to prepare for that went down this past weekend has now come and gone and I can sort of begin to relax a bit and catch up...

I'll try to cover more in the video...

That said, I am planning a very nice Giants post that will be exclusively here on the blog so stay tuned for that.

See you tomorrow!

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