Monday, October 22, 2012

Skylanders Giants Unboxing Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack

Skylanders Giants Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack (GameStop Exclusive)

What Is It?  Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack (GameStop Exclusive)

Where Did You Get It?  GameStop

How Did You Get It? GameStop In-store Pre-Order

What Did It Cost?  $24.99 plus tax

Did It Cost Extra?  Nope.

What Is Included?  Chop Chop S2, Shroomboom, Golden Dragonfire Cannon, 3 Stat Cards, 3 Stickers, 3 Web Codes

What Was The Stock Like?  Plentiful.  They had a ton in store, all the pre-orders, and I have yet to see the item come down from the website either now or for pre-order.

Will This Be Rare?  Possibly.  It won't be near as common as the regular Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack.  That said, it certainly won't be along the lines of a rare variant etc...Just something different, a little special, and readily available to the average fan.


GameStop's Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack is a nice set-up.  I pre-ordered it long ago (still thinking along the lines of Wave 4 and 5).  At the time I ordered, no one really knew that there was going to be a regular Dragonfir Cannon Battle Pack.  Had I, and many others know, we might have held off.

Personally, I kept the pre-order just because it will be a little more distinct than the standard issue Battle Pack.

The only real difference between the two is that this battle pack features the Golden Dragonfire Cannon.  From what I know it unlocks an extra Battle Arena and a few have told me the magic effect is stronger, but doesn't last as long as the regular.  Once I've played I will know the full run-down via first hand findings.

This is the first Battle Pack and they kind of take the place of the old Adventure Packs...However, I want to stress this unlocks Battle Arenas for Battle Mode, not new chapters (that said, your old APs will work in Giants and unlock new levels).

This currently the only way to get Shroomboom, but he will later be out in LightCore form, and I'm sure he'll wind up in a single pack and likely a triple pack.

Overall, it is the same price as the standard battle pack and just offers a little bit more and a different colored cannon and lens.

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