Monday, October 22, 2012

Skylanders Giants: Unboxing GITD Wii Starter Pack

Nintendo Wii Starter Pack with GITD Cynder and Portal of Power (Walmart Exclusive)

Alright, let's just get started with a quick run down for those looking for the basics.

What is it? Skylanders Giants Starter Pack for Nintendo Wii

Where Did You Get It? Walmart.  In the US, this is a Walmart/Sam's Club Exclusive

How Did You Get It?'s Site-to-Store

What Did It Cost? $74.99 plus tax (Site-to-Store doesn't charge shipping)

Does It Cost Extra?  No, that is the real perk...Special, but at regular price!

What is included?  Game Disc, Wired Glow-in-the-Dark Portal of Power, Glow in the Dark Series 2 Cynder,  Jet-Vac, Tree-Rex.

What Was the Stock Like?  In my hunts it has varied store-to-store.  If you want it, I think you can get it.

Will This Be Rare? Honestly don't know.  It is obviously special, whether it is a timed offering (thru Dec 31st), a set quantity (10,000) etc is beyond me.  All I know is that if you really want a GITD Starter Pack you should be able to get it.  That said, I would advise picking it up BEFORE Black Friday.

Why Did You Pick the GITD Version?  Long story.  I originally planned to get only the Portal Owner's Pack.  Why?  I wanted to record it via Wii, but was going to pick up the Wii U version on launch day.  As pricing came out, I (and virtually everyone else) realized that the Starter Pack is a better deal...especially for Wii Owners.  It only costs an extra $15 and you are basically getting 2 Skylanders and the wired Portal for that price.  That is money well spent...and efficient.  I don't know how many times in the playthrough last year I had the portal die...And it died a lot more than that, just wasn't always "during recording."  The wired portal will take care of that!  No more batteries!

Furthermore, I had read online that some Aussies (they got the game before us), complained of their "old" portals on the Wii not powering up the Giants and LightCore Skylanders.  That kind of kills the cool features if they are dim.

The real clincher, however, was when Walmart announced their GITD Starter Pack.  I'm not a huge Cynder fan, but she is GITD.  I'll take what I can get.  Plus the Portal is GITD...sweet.  The biggest swaying factors remained the wired portal and better value.  Just purely from a personal perspective, Jet-Vac is who I looked forward to the most (like Warnado last time).  His LightCore should be in stores now (Wave 2), but this and L-Jet-Vac are the only ways to get him in regular form.

Overall, the GITD Portal was cool, didn't cost more than a Starter Pack that was "basic," and there honestly wasn't a good promotion going on for buying the Starter Pack elsewhere (ie 50% off another game, or free Battle Pack/Triple Pack etc).


The Starter Pack is a better value than the Portal Owner's Pack.  For Wii Owner's of SSA the wired Portal is a NICE addition.  I am a big Jet-Vac fan (hoping he is good in the game) and wanted his figure.  Toss in the Walmart Exclusive GITD Cynder and GITD Portal of Power all for the same price as a regular Starter Pack and you've got me ready to purchase.  This one just makes too much sense.  Value, special, variant included, and all at the same price as its' basic counterparts.

On a side note, since I am likely the only person to care about this stuff....The packaging is vastly improved across the product line.  This one is by far the least friendly, but it is better than last year.  The only real complaint is the tape and plastic pouches with the fold-over adhesion strips.

My only caution remains being careful getting Tree Rex out.  The packaging is tight and cumbersome, but it needs to be for shipping.  Just take your time and try to stay away from the light up portions.

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