Monday, October 22, 2012

Skylanders Giants Launch Day Update: The Haul

Well, I have just wrapped up filming the first round of unboxings (ie I ran out-of-stuff), and have them editing and/or uploading.  Once again, please note that I am pretty tired when I do these...basically running off excitement.

Anyway, here is a run down on how things panned out for me today:

Nah, let's just get started with a picture:

Ok, now on to the details...

I left the house around 5 after watching the early football games.  I went straight to Target.  It looked like they had been picked over pretty well...there was actually a case of Skylanders on the shelf, sadly no variants just some singles.

Much to my surprise there was a Granite Crusher left!  I don't know if they had another 40 in the back, if this was 1 of 6 they had all day, or if it was really the last one in the store, but it was definitely the last one on the rack!  Needless to say, I deemed it fate and took off.

My next stop was Toys'R'Us.  I walked in and we began the "how does the Hot Toy Pick-up" thing go.  I was so intent on landing the Legendary Triple Pack I didn't even pay attention to the MASSIVE display of all things Skylanders right as you walk in...

The associate and myself were actually worried they were all sold and she couldn't figure out why it wasn't held in the back like it should be.

Well, as fate would have it there were plenty of L-Triple Packs on the main wall.  We grabbed my 2 pre-orders and I also picked up 2 Legendary Bouncers (really didn't think it would be available either).  In addition to the massive selection and the best promotion, the people at Toys'R'Us are far more likely to want to help you out and be nice.  A smile and pleasant disposition goes a long way, even if it is is a little fabricated, lol.  I have to say though, the folks at my TRU have always been super nice and helpful.

So, starting late and avoiding morning hassles was 2-for-2.

The next stop was the Walmart that had my 3DS Starter Pack.  Apparently they are the hardest to come by, likely due to (GITD Cynder+Punch Pop Fizz=Epic).  I found out where the "site-to-store" pick-up was and there it was waiting for me...pretty cool.

I then ran by GameStop and pulled in right at 6 PM.  The sign said open, but the bars in the windows said closed.  I went ahead and called and the guy was nice enough to unlock and give me the Golden Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack.  Lucky for me I had pre-paid or that might not have happened.

Ecstatic about that and referencing that GameStop closes early Sundays (don't know why I never thought of that), I went out for the Wii Starter Pack.  Tracked down their "site-to-store" location and I was in and out in no time.

All-in-all I spent about 1.25 hours running around town and landing virtually everything I wanted with little to no was strange.

In retrospect, I would not have pre-ordered anything had I known TRU would have that much stock AND BOGO 40% off.  I also kind of regretted ordering the rest of the line-up "online" (LightCore and Giants), but the fact is I didn't know and played it safe.  I think I could have gotten everything at TRU with no issue.

Now with all that said and done Wave 2 hits tomorrow.  I know TRU is doing it and I have seen the stock on GameStop, Walmart, and even Target's website.  I will try my hand there and see what I can't turn up..some folks reported their stores having W2 out (Sprocket, Flashwing etc).

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