Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Skylanders Giants Unboxing Swarm

Unboxing Swarm

What?  Swarm, Air Element Giant

Where Did You Get It?

What Did It Cost?  $14.99 plus tax

What Is Included?  Swarm, Stat Card, Sticker, and Web Code

What Lights Up?  Eyes and Blade/Stinger on upward Fist

What Was the Stock Like?  So far I have yet to run into a store that did not have Swarm.  I'd still be leary of post-Black Friday, but as of now nothing too alarming.  Interesting note is that where I sourced him on release day has been out of stock for awhile...but brick and mortar stores have plenty.

Quick Character Info:

Swarm, Air Element Giant

Slogan: "Bring the Sting!"

Card Stats:

Strength: 110/150
Defense: 150/150
Agility: 80/150
Luck: 50/150


Swarm is a nice addition to the air element.  I had kind of wanted to see a wasp/hornet/bee added to the line-up, but thought it would be as a regular Skylander.  Nonetheless, Swarm fits the bill with his back story and his upgrades look like they could really deliver.  His Heroic Challenge is kind of a pain, but it isn't something a few tries won't take care of...Stay tuned to see Swarm progress in the blind playthrough.

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