Friday, October 19, 2012

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Battle Mode Videos

I have had all of this stuff done for quite some time, but never really had the time to edit it or make compilation videos like I intended.  My computer had so much trouble making the Giants 3DS Unboxing, I knew I had to clear out some space.

So, before I moved or deleted any files, I decided to make the videos.  Most of these will just be simple battles...most are just toe-to-toe, but there are a handful where we took turns making attacks etc.

I think I had commentary for a few, but it is much easier to just go ahead and upload as is.

I also wanted to get the Sky Goals and Sky Gem Master vids up to showcase those seldom spoken activities...both are actually pretty fun in my opinion.

Nonetheless, I'll divide these up via Bold Headings and will add as time allows.

Sky Goals

Sky Gem Masters

Battle Mode: Miscellaneous Icicle Isle Matches

I think I was P2 in most of these recordings.  Also note the Portal issue with Ghost Roaster in Part 2.  I will try and outline the matches in each video.  Some feature rematches or the aforementioned RPG style battles.

Icicle Isle Part 1

Warnado vs Whirlwind, Warnado vs Whirlwind, Warnado vs Whirlwind, Ignitor vs Chop Chop, Flameslinger vs Ghost Roaster, Slam Bam vs Ghost Roaster, Slam Bam vs Ghost Roaster

Icicle Isle Part 2

Terrafin vs Wham-Shell, Whirlwind vs Sonic Boom, Flameslinger vs Ghost Roaster, Bash vs Drill Sergeant, Trigger Happy vs Prism Break, Camo vs Zook, Cynder vs Dino-Rang, Lightning Rod vs Hex

Icicle Isle Part 3

Lightning Rod vs Dino-Rang, Terrafin vs Ghost Roaster, Dino-Rang vs Zook, Ghost Roaster vs Zook, Terrafin vs Ghost Roaster, Sonic Boom vs Ghost Roaster

Skylanders Battle Tournament Vids (Mushroom Grove)

Brackets 1 and 4: Warnado vs Boomer, Slam Bam vs Chop Chop, Spyro vs Zap, Terrafin vs Wrecking Ball, Sunburn vs Eruptor, Double Trouble vs Voodood, Ignitor vs Stump Smash, Stealth Elf vs Drobot, Double Trouble vs Sunburn, Stealth Elf vs Ignitor, Stealth Elf vs Slam Bam, Stealth Elf vs Slam Bam

Brackets 2 and 3: Camo vs Whirlwind, Prism Break vs Sonic Boom, Cynder vs Hex, Flameslinger vs Ghost Roaster, Wham-Shell vs Dino-Rang, Bash vs Zook, Lightning Rod vs Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy vs Drill Sergeant, Camo vs Sonic Boom, Ghost Roaster vs Hex, Dino-Rang vs Zook, Lighting Rod vs Drill Sergeant, Camo vs Hex, Dino-Rang vs Lightning Rod, Dino-Rang vs Hex

Misc. Battle Mode Videos

Aqueduct: Ignitor vs Slam Bam
The Necropolis: Hex vs Warnado
Cube Dungeon: Eruptor vs Warnado
Mushroom Grove: Hex vs Bash
Necropolis: Terrafin vs Hex
Mushroom Grove: Eruptor vs Slam Bam

Terrafin vs Slam Bam

Just like the title says...all battles at Mushroom Grove.

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