Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Update 10/26/2012

Hey Everyone,

I have been insanely busy...How busy you ask?  Well, would you believe that I have yet to play Giants on the Wii or 3DS yet?!  Yep, it is true.  Not exactly my ideal set-up or planned scenario either, but that is how things go.

That said, I am hopeful that I'll get to start the blind playthrough this weekend.  I would imagine by Tuesday you should start seeing the first few videos trickle out.

That said, I still have a lot of unboxing to do.

For a quick run down on that...I have yet to see Hot Head, Sprocket, Flashwing, or LightCore Jet-Vac.  I saw pretty much all the rest of Wave 2, but I prefer to hold out for Triples to get Flashwing and Sprocket.  I have LC Jet-Vac on pre-order, but doesn't exactly have my confidence at the moment.

They shipped my 4 early LightCore figures mid-week, despite me being able to have already picked them up locally on a sale price.  But the kicker is they show they are shipping LightCore Hex!  I have yet to see anyone with her or mention finding her...The sad news is that someone already got their LC pre-orders from TRU and instead of Hex they had an extra Eruptor.  I really hope that isn't the case.  I will keep you posted.

For future unboxings of LightCore and Giants I will demo the light-up features.  I was unsure how they would look on camera in the Crusher and LC Prism Break vids, but I was pretty happy with it.

It was also requested I do a comparison between 3DS Portals...I will get this done as soon as possible.

One other thing that delayed the start of the playthrough was me needing more space on the computer.  I have a lot of raw recordings (huge files) that had yet to be processed.  Some of the stuff I wanted up first included Battle Mode vids form SSA.  Most of these are simple and don't have even has really bad audio skip...but, I had wanted them up, there were lots of requests for them, and now they are up...and more importantly off my hard drive allowing plenty of space for the Giants files.

The first few videos will be the intro to the game, me figuring stuff out, and then as soon as possible I'll go thru and kind of showcase what characters work in the two games (SSA and Giants), what they do where, etc.

After that it will basically be time for the blind playthrough and unboxings as stuff comes in...I still have a few nights worth of unboxings to do, lol.

It is 4 AM and I am very tired...I just posted all the links from recent uploads (minus the Battle Mode stuff) to Google + and Facebook...sorry for the delay, but as always, the blog will be your best source for instant info and updates!

For those of you that have read along, or follow the bog I have something for you...particularly those of you without Granite Crusher or without a Target...He is now ONLINE!  I don't know the stock or how long it will last, but it is up now for the first time that I am aware, check it out; Giants

And lastly, if you noticed the current polls are reset, the ones that just closed on the 20th (Giants, favorite new Skylander, favorite new Giant, what are you getting etc) are all "0"s.  Same goes for the old poll results I left up.  Somehow Blogger has lost all poll data.  This isn't just on my site, but all across the platform.  Everyone is pretty bummed about it, but I am hopeful a resolution will be found...that is why you have yet to see the results from the last few polls...More on this as time allows.

Well, I hope you are all enjoying Giants, tracking down the characters you want, or are eagerly awaiting a Birthday or Christmas!


  1. I managed to find a hot-head, sprocket, and flashwing at TRU. Entire walls are being cleared out really quickly seems its a need to be there at store-open situation right now to find the more rare skylanders. I'm pretty excited to see Thumpback, but Hot-Head's abilities are wicked fun. Hot Dog looks fun as well :)

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    1. Very nice! I had to run out-of-town and didn't make a TRU (or GameStop which apparently started getting Wave 2 late this past week). The stores I hit out-of-town were either Giant and LightCore heavy, or S2 heavy...

      I agree on the wave 2 stuff...I have only seen singles of the Series 2 releases...I'm holding out for the triples, but would have picked up Sprocket/Flashwing/Hot Head...I have still yet to have the chance.

      Glad Hot Head is good...lot of people were worried he wouldn't be good. Hot Dog should be "cool" as well, haha. Thumpback was the most wanted Giant, but somehow Blogger had huge issues and lost all the poll data :(

  2. I bought the game today and with a pretty good deal. At TRU, if you bought anything Skylanders, you got another Skylanders item for 40% off. I bought the game (of course) and three triple packs, Chill, Ignitor, and Zook, L-Slam Bam, L-Jet-Vac, and L-Ignitor, and the Legendary Triple pack from the original game which I could never find. I also bought a Flashwing, mostly because her voice actor is amazing. I think I'm content for now, but I'm still searching for good deals on the sidekicks, because the Frito Lays bags that came with the mail in card were absent from all stores around me :I Just my luck.

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    1. Good call on the game...this was the last day for the 40% off! That will be a very solid haul and great start. The thing about buying them all is it takes a long time to level up and upgrade. I honestly think buying them spaced out is best not only for that, but overall enjoyment...granted that is assuming the stock is there to buy when we want it etc.

      I have yet to see Flashwing, Sprocket, or Hot Head in person..nice find!

      Good luck on the sidekicks. If it makes you feel any better I never found the packs for Flocked Stump Smash...none were promotional! I also only wound up with 3 of the cards for Skylanders. They went fast and then got pulled due to exp. dates etc.

      Good luck!

    2. Over $130 dollars for four little figures that do nothing in game?! I'll think I'll wait until one of my friends get tired of their sidekicks and ask for them.

    3. Good call. Unless you caught them via the promotion, they just are not worth it. I'm a big Terrafin fan, but I would never give more than the roughly $10 total for it...The chips make it a better value, so realistically for the $2 they are worth it...Anything over $10 (chips, figure, and shipping) I wouldn't budge either...I'm content with just the 2 I've got, lol.

  3. my current collection is popfizz 3-pack,fright rider,starter pack,crusher and bouncer. here in aus wave 2 isnt available for another MONTH!! :( but today i pre ordered the flash wing
    3-pack and am hoping to also preorder hot head and sprocket
    3-pack soon (once i have the money LOL) Sadly the sidekicks arent available in aus yet and i dont think they will ever be as the new game is available(unless they make new ones like Tiny Rex or something) which im hoping theyll do.

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    1. Very nice! You know, that is cool you got to pre-order the new Triples (#3 and #4)...I want Sprocket and Flashwing, but figured I'd just go about it via the Triple Packs, which I have yet to see outside of amazon and a few stores saying they are "in store" when they are not. I've still not seen Hot Head, Sprocket, or Flashwing in person either.

      They are going to do more sidekicks actually...I'll keep my fingers crossed they show up in Austraila. The sad thing is, as mentioned above, they really don't do much past adding a conversation piece to your collection.

      I recorded one in Giants to show people.


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