Monday, October 22, 2012

Skylanders Giants Unboxing GITD 3DS Starter Pack

Nintendo 3DS Starter Pack with GITD Cynder and GITD Portal of Power (Walmart Exclusive)

Just as with the Wii Starter Pack, let's just get down to the basics:

What Is It?  Nintendo 3DS Giants Starter pack

Where Did You Get It?  Walmart.  It is exclusive to Walmart/Sam's Club in the US.

How Did You Get It?'s Site-to-Store

What Did It Cost?  $74.99 plus tax (site to store doesn't charge shipping)

Does It Cost Extra?  No, despite the GITD features it is the same price as a basic Starter Pack.

What Is Included?  Nintendo 3DS Game, GITD Portal of Power, GITD Cynder, Punch Pop Fizz, and Tree Rex.  Also included is a character poster, stat cards, stickers, and web codes for Spyro's Universe.

What Was The Stock Like?  This is definitely the toughest Starter Pack to track down, not just because of the GITD stuff.  Since this Starter Pack in base form features the 3DS Exclusive Punch Pop Fizz it is moving fast.  This is the only way to get Punch Pop Fizz.  Think of him as the Dark Spyro of Skylanders Giants.  A lot of people (scalpers included) will purchase this pack just to mark up Punch Pop Fizz and then make eve more selling the other items solo.  I had my first order cancelled and then upon visiting several stores the 3DS Starter Pack was by far the least common.  I have first hand accounts from others documenting this across the nation.

Will This Be Rare?  Again, I can't say.  Activision could have "x" rounds of production, a pre-determined number, a set cut-off is all unknown to me.  That said, this is a heck of a deal as you not only get Punch Pop Fizz but also GITD Cynder and a GITD Portal of Power.  If you are going to get a 3DS Starter Pack this is the route to go imo.

Why Did You Get the GITD Version?  Unlike the Wii version, I had planned to get the Starter Pack for 3DS months ago.  I did hold off for special sales or promotions, but when the news of Walmart's Exclusive GITD version hit I pre-ordred as soon as possible.  This one also comes down to value and uniqueness.

This is the same price as a run-of-the-mill 3DS Starter Pack, but you get a GITD Portal and GITD Cynder.  With the Portal Owner's Pack running $59.99 coupled with the fact Punch Pop Fizz is exclusive to this Starter Pack, the $15 price difference is more than justified.  Tacking on a GITD Portal and GITD Cynder (which you can use for trade a friend finds Rock Zook, Polar Whirlwind, or has an old GITD you like better etc).


The 3DS Starter Pack in the Walmart Exclusive GITD form is a tough deal to beat.  In fact, I would rank it the #1 value overall.  I know I am a big Jet-Vac fan, but his LightCore is now out and his standard figure will be making the round eventually.  Punch Pop Fizz will be just like Dark Spyro.

When you can land a truly exclusive character and score a GITD Variant you are doing well.  The GITD Potrtal is a nice touch and allows SSA 3DS owners the option of having one at home and one in the car or for travel etc.

I haven't even mentioned that the 3DS game is once again entirely different from the console versions...take that into consideration and it is a no brainer.

If you do not have a 3DS I would suggest you pick one up.  Between Giants and Spyro's Adventure you've got 2 solid games I know you will like.  Toss in Nintendo exclusives and it is truly an incredible system (not to mention you can have all the old DS games on tap too).

I do want to mention you still need to be careful with Tree Rex when getting him out of the packaging.

The other item of note is that this portal does not have a USB Port or USB Cable.  That means you can not use it to load up Skylanders into the Spyro's Universe online game.  A minor deal, but worth noting.

Similarly, what shocked me is that Giants 3DS qualifies for Club Nintendo!!  The console version did not...I was totally unaware of this and have already registered for 60 coins!

Overall this is a great value as you get a totally new game different from the console versions, the GITD Portal, GITD Cynder, and of course the 3DS Exclusive Punch Pop Fizz!  Plus you've now got another way to take Skylanders on-the-go!


  1. It should be noted to anyone looking for the wal-mart exclusive starter packs that Sams Club (being a branch of wal-mart) also sells these "exclusive" variants and being sams club they're also about $5 cheaper. So if you have a sams club membership already, that's the way to go.

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    2. Yeah, I have that listed in the description and where to get it...I actually saw in on Sam's Website first, luckily Walmart carried it. I get a lot of questions on this stuff from those out of the country and by just keeping Walmart as the main headline I avoid people inquiring about Sam's as everyone knows Walmart.

      Sam's is a nice alternative to landing Skylanders if the generic stores are bought out...That said, my local Sam's never seemed to have many stocked last year.

      I can go out-of-town and find a ton more stock at all stores so I can't say I'm really shocked. Thanks for the link though, might help someone land it if Walmart is sold out etc. I really hope this one will be around longer for folks to take advantage is a great deal imo!


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