Friday, October 26, 2012

Skylanders Giants Unboxing Crusher

Unboxing Crusher

What? Crusher, Earth Element Giant

Where Did You Get It?

What Did it Cost?  $14.99 plus tax and shipping

What is Included?  Crusher, Stat Card, Sticker, and Webcode

What Lights Up?  Eyes and 3 Crystals at top of Armor Band

What Was the Stock Like?  I was so burned out calling local Walmarts to check midnight release status, I surfed over to and found that Wave 1 was up for order!  Not knowing what to expect in terms of stock or turnout I decided to take advantage of things and order in a few characters.  That said, I have yet to walk into a store without the current slate of Giants (aside from Granite Crusher and Hot Head). I have noticed that online several retailers have lost stock of the Giants...And I did notice they were selling down quick.  I imagine they are the items most people will target.  That said, I don't think you'll really have trouble landing a run-of-the-mill Crusher if you act before Black Friday.

Quick Character Info:

Crusher Earth Element Giant

Slogan: "It's Crush Hour!"

Card Stats:

-Strenght: 140/150
-Defense: 140/150
-Agility: 50/150
-Luck: 60/150


I also spent a little extra time in this unboxing as I had a lot of people asking about what lights up, how loose the hammer is, and if their figure is broken etc.  I can say once again that both Crusher and Granite Crusher lit up great on my battery-powered, wirless Wii Portal from SSA.

The only thing that lights up is the eyes (blue on both) and the top three crystals over the shoulder (blue on Granite Crusher and Green on Crusher).

This one, just like LC Prism Break, was a bit long, but mainly due to the unknowns and so much info needing to be covered.  I also recorded it right after LCPB and didn't know how the camera would pick up the lighting etc.  It seems to do a good job so future unboxings will include the light show, but much quicker and without sticking 4+ Characters on the portal, lol...that was very bright in person btw.

And once more, the hammer on Crusher seems lower and tighter (ie better secured) than the hammer on Granite Crusher.  I don't think either is a big deal unless your kids (or you, haha) use the toys "actively" in battle...I'd just try and pick them up by the base to prevent any issue...I'm sure a little glue can help out if things happen to break.


  1. Do you known when granite crusher is comming to AUS? I seriously want it!!!

    PS YOU ARE AWESOME, PPS Do you if you can get punch pop fizz not with the 3ds

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  2. Hey, never saw this comment until now. I do not know when he will come to Australia. Target might ship internationally...

    Thanks. As of right now, the only way to get him is via the 3DS Starter Pack. That said, some will likely sell him individually, but likely at a high price.

    We did see Dark Spyro singles in some parts of the world, but that was later on in the run of SSA.

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