Friday, October 4, 2013

Nitro Magna Charge Double Packs Exclusive to Target for Skylanders SWAP Force

I had speculated on this some time back, and now the answers have emerged...

While we had GameStop boasting the Dark Edition Starter Pack, we recently saw Walmart land Enchanted Hoot Loop.  We already know Toys'R'Us is getting the Legendaries once more, so that left Target...

The cycle did not disappoint as BOTH SWAP Force Double Packs featuring Nitro Magna Charge will appear at the retailer!  It remains to be seen if these will be as limited as Granite Crusher, a bit more lenient like Jade Flashwing, or easy picking like most Walmart specials...My advice, as usual, is get it while you can and avoid being caught an issue where you can't obtain it for retail.

The Nitro Magna Charge Double Pack Retails for $29.99 and comes in two flavors:

Nitro Magna Charge and Rattle Shake
Skylanders Swap Force Double Pack - Nitro Magna Charge + Rattle Shake - Target Exclusive

Nitro Magna Charge and Free Ranger
Skylanders Swap Force Double Pack - Nitro Magna Charge + Free Ranger - Target Exclusive
Note the placement of the "Only at Target" designation...This follows suit with what we have seen recently where labels have been printed with the packaging.

The cool thing here is that Nitro Magna Charge remains the same...So, you can simply pick which character you want.

This was obviously set up for those that buy a console starter pack.  Why?  The console starter packs include Wash Buckler and Magna Charge...That means you can literally add this Double Pack and be in business.

However, if you plan to pick up the 3DS Version, you will likely be disappointed as it features none other than Free Ranger and Rattle Shake.  

But, remaining optimistic, those of us getting the console and 3DS versions, can take solstice in this...

Free Ranger has a Legendary form coming at some point, and with Rattle Shake's potential alter ego, or variant form unknown (or simply not happening), we can use this Double Pack to land a 2nd Rattle Shake, as opposed to winding up with 3 Free Rangers...That is my plan anyway.

The price of $29.99 doesn't do a lot given SWAP Force Skylanders will retail for $14.99, but it is hard to complain with a special figure included.

I am left wondering if Amazon will have anything "special" here right off the bat...I guess we will have to wait and see.


  1. I highly doubt I'll get either it is far cheaper to get regular magna charge single rather than the 2 pack and it's not really worth getting the variant because it's exactly the same character.

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    1. Yeah, little disappointed with the setup, but I realize they are catering to the "majority" by tailoring it to console starter pack owners...Selling him solo, packaging him with Hoot Loop (not in any Starter Pack), or even doubling him up with his regular counterpart would have been more preferred on my end.

      I'll pick him up, but it isn't exactly the ideal setup...Especially for Console + 3DS folks.

    2. Today at eb expo I played with regular magna charge and in my opinion it's not worth getting 2 of him HOWEVER I also played with free ranger and the attacks that "free" uses are really awesome and seeing as I have no intention of purchasing L free ranger I probably will get this 2 pack just because the speed boost of magna charge and the lightning and bladefist punch of free ranger are totally awesome

      Also I'm not sure if he's even available over seas but at eb expo I got a special edition "metallic green" gill grunt, I also got the regular character(figure) poster (which shows which parts light up on the lc characters) and a skylanders swap force cap. I don't think any of those items are available anywhere else (at the present time) so it was good to get those things.

    3. Nice, everyone at E3 that played Free Ranger thought he was great as well. The 2 Pack does tie in well if you have a preferred character etc.

      Nice, I think the "metallic green" was a special edition for employees over here, kind of like the flocked LC Prism Break. There was a green S1 Gill Grunt, but it was packaged with SSA Starter Packs that sold when Giants was new...very weird timing, lol...Actually Black Friday of last year.

      Poster and hat sound cool too...Just curious, was it all free and for everyone, or did you have to buy it/win it etc.

    4. I think the poster is the poster that comes with the regular starter pack 4 swap force but it doesn't have folds :D it was all free however I had to buy a ticket and the hat was only if you got buckler on a spin wheel with wash on the top.

    5. Ah, the folded posters do make framing or displaying a pain, lol. Very nice on the wheel spin! That is how people had to win E3 Hot Dog this year...Hat sounds cool, but I'd say you did well with the special Gill Grunt! I've pushed for "Adult" sizes in clothes etc...I've seen staff with them, but noting on the market?!

  2. Nitro Magna Charge looks really weird. I mean, regular Red Magna Charge looks epic, he will probably be my favorite by the way he looks, imagine Magna Charge, a magnetic robot, swapped with a character. Seeing his top robotic part, he would look totally ridiculous with any other Swapper, in a good way.

    If I find him, I will pick him up. However, I still like regular Magna Charge better.

    Just one question, will you post up who is your favorite Swapper aesthetically before Skylanders Swap Force. In my opinion, the best is Trap Shadow.


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    1. Have to could change in person, but right now regular MC looks WAY better imo. I'm just not a fan of yellow and red is what I've associated with magnets etc.

      Yes...I do plan to do that. THe last few nights I've been uploading the rest of the S2 Upgrades, I just lack the Water Element edits and then will upload those...I'll release them all this coming week...

      I need to do a lot of non-game vids...I'm behind on expired polls, need to make new ones, need to do the Castaways vs Newlanders stuff, and in addition to "preview" polls I want to do for SF, I have some cool Giants stuff planned.

      I'll have to take a look at all of them again and on the website, but I will do it before SF. This is a really busy week for me as I'm running a car show Saturday that is going to eat up a lot of time thru the week.

      Trap Shadow does look really interesting though.

  3. My thoughts echo yours...the legendary Free Ranger will compliment regular Free Ranger in the 3DS starter pack...Nitro will make the 2nd path and the only fear is some mega cool Rattle Shake variant in the unknown future.
    And for the record, Boom Jet is pretty much the one I'm looking forward to the most!

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    1. Haha, yep...I would have liked to see Magna Charge solo personally...That said, having a Nitro MC + MC DP would have been better in my mind...let alone any other swapper (Hoot Loop etc).

      That is my one big fear too...Rattle Shake is VERY well suited to a good alternate figure (would be great for Halloween, but I think we'd know about it if it was happening), but at this point in time it is the best option for folks like us doing 3DS and a Console Starter Pack, and of course planning to get the full slate, lol.

  4. Walmart also seems to have a SwapForce Super Pack for @$129: standard starter pack, Magic Triple Pack and LC Grim Creeper. Doing the math it actually seems more expensive than buying each item separately!

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    1. Yeah, I noticed that too...I kid you not, a few weeks ago their "Magic Special Triple Pack" was $24.99...last night when I was making the Nitro MC Post I was checking on Enchanted Hoot Loop's status and saw they had the Magic Triple Pack at $44.99. I just checked and it is $37.50...


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