Monday, October 14, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing Enchanted Hoot Loop, Walmart Exclusive

What: Enchanted Hoot Loop, Walmart Exclusive Magic Element, SWAP Force, Teleport
Where Did You Get It: Walmart...somehow
What Did It Cost: EHL was only $14.96 plus tax, the time investment was greater
What Was Stock Like: The employees sure didn't know

The least enchanting thing about Hoot Loop was was the experience getting him.  I cover it in pretty good detail in the video, but it was bad.  The first Walmart I went in (remember, most of you were out at midnight picking stuff off pegs and going through boxes), had nothing.  Well, I say nothing, they did have a little shelf top display, and I mean a literal sign...No signs of anything SWAP Force, it was all Giants.  

So did they sell out, or screw up?  I called this a few days prior in a video that I figured my local Walmarts would utterly botch this and I was 100% correct.  In fact, I think I underestimated how bad they would be...

This is nothing new in my actually continues a trend of horrible experiences with the store.  Again, I have no personal qualms with their lower prices, but if you want to run a giant retail store you need to hire competent employees, or at least have someone to train them to get headed that direction.  Now this has nothing to do with someone not know who Enchanted Hoot Loop is, or not knowing when Trap Shadow will release, this is basic stuff.

If this was a game I could say Walmart didn't show up to play...However, I don't think they were in the stadium.  In fact, they weren't even trying to get tickets to attend the game they were to play in...They were at home, asleep, oblivious to their commitments.  And I fully expected that.

After a long time, and three stores, I found one that had one center aisle display out and an employee who told me anything not there would be in a box behind the counter.  Luckily, that was the case and I grabbed 2 EHLs to come home.

Despite the ordeal to acquire EHL, I remain just as excited for him as I do regular Hoot Loop.  He looks like a great character with Double Trouble like beam powers, hypnotic abilities, and some really neat teleportation abilities!

Enchanted Hoot Loop
Magic Element, SWAP Force, SWAP Power: Teleport

Slogan: "Let's Ruffle Some Feathers!"

Card Stats:
-Power: 100/200
-Armor: 100/200
-Agility: 60/200
-Luck: 200/200
-Totals: 460/800

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