Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing LightCore Smolderdash

What: LightCore Smolderdash, Fire Element, SWAP Force Newlander
Where Did You Get It? Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost? $13.99 plus tax (BOGO40%)
What Was Stock Like? Very hard to find in my area for some reason...launch day included!
What is Included: LC Smolderdash, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet

Unboxing LightCore Smolderdash

LightCore Smolderdash
Fire Element, SF Newlander

Slogan: "A Blaze of Glory!"

Card Stats
Power: 140/200
Armor: 50/200
Agility: 85/200
Luck: 60/200
Totals: 335/800

LC Smolderdash on the Portal, Front View

LC Smolderdash on the Portal, Rear View

LC Star Strike, LC Smolderdash, and LC Grim Creeper


  1. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew how to raise the stats of your skylanders in swap force, like heroic challenges. Please tell, or my Bumble Blast will stay slow forever ;(

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    1. Sorry for the slow reply...I haven't gotten to play past Ch 1 in the console version (that is changing soon!), but as best I know the typical HC format is gone, and with it that stat boosts...I'll have to investigate to be sure there isn't a bonus for levelling up etc, but it isn't looking good :(


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