Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Legendaries Surface on

Toys'R'Us is known for their large Skylander inventory, special figures, and of course, their Exclusive Legendaries!  I have continually read that we should see Legendary Zoo Lou and Legendary Night Shift at launch, but I have seen nothing on TRU's end to substantiate that.  I do not know where this information is coming from (original source wise), but it has been posted on several marquee gaming sites.  Neither character is listed in their ads, or online.

However, Toys'R'Us did recently (finally) post up two that we know will be available Day 1: Legendary LightCore Grim Creeper and Legendary Free Ranger.  Special thanks to Philip for the spot!

I suspect the others will be staggered similar to what we have seen in the past...It will be interesting to see if we get a Legendary Triple Pack this time, OR if the retailer has opted to keep all Legendary Skylanders as Single Packs this time around...Personally, I am a big fan of the Legendary Triple Pack as it focuses on the core characters and provides players more bang for the buck.

You can Pre-Order the two Legendary Skylanders at the links below:
-Legendary Free Ranger:
-Legendary LightCore Grim Creeper:

Here is a look at the Packaging, Figure, and a Screen Cap for Each:

Legendary LightCore Grim Creeper

Legendary Free Ranger


  1. Looks Good! As you tweeted, I'm getting my Release Day Strategy figured out. I'm tempted to pre-order but we'll be stopping into my local TRU on release day. I'll try to pick them up in person.
    Side Note: On the TRU link you posted for the two characters, there is a small "click her for coupons" in small print on the page. If you go there, there is a 20% off coupon for skylanders on the third page which is valid thru release date and can be applied online or in person against a starter pack, figure or accessory...That is a good deal!!!

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    1. Nice...hope y'all got to use all the coupons! Strategy went to the wind with this Wave 2 bombshell, lol.


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