Friday, October 11, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force October 2013 Channel Update

Well 5 AM here at the desk...

I am making this video to update you on a few things and cover some popular requests as of late.

Please note the NEW Polls on the Right Hand Side of the Blog, just below the Twitter Feed.

I've had a lot of interest in which characters I am looking forward to etc...This covers a few of them and invites you to share your opinions.

I also highlight my Launch Day Survival Guide with what I have deemed to be the best strategy for what I hope to accomplish.

For anyone interested, I will be getting my first Pokemon game...Pokemon Y that I hope to play with my Nephew.  I do have Rumble U, but Y will be my first "core" game if you will.

Also of note, the Series 2 Upgrade Videos really are ready to go...either late tonight, or Saturday night I will make them ALL live.  It isn't what I wanted to do, but I've honestly been too busy to release them in groups as intended.

I can't stress enough to make sure you look for variants!  We don't know what to expect, if anything, but that means scalpers and employees are at the same disadvantage...Pay close attention and YOU might get LUCKY!!

I will leave it at that for now...Check the video description for more and watch it if you dare.  Things will have slowed down tremendously for me by this time next week.

I've got some really cool stuff planned for the Chanel and Blog and I think you will like my plans for the SWAP Force Playthrough...more on that later!


  1. Where are those Barnes & Noble coupons found.

    It was hard for me to pick a Swapper, but I went for Trap Shadow, Rattle Shake was a close second.

    As for the new nonswappers, easily Pop Thorn. Ten times more adorable than Wrecking Ball.

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    1. I get them via e-mail, but I think there is a tab at the top...

      I think Trap Shadow is going to be pretty killer...afraid he'll be a Spring release though. Interesting choice on Pop Thorn...he could easily exceed gameplay expectations. Still remind me of WooBat (spelling?).

    2. Unfortunately, I could not pick up Pop Thorn. It is just that I want to focus on the Swappers. I come to the US every few months. I used to live comfortably over there, but now I am out of the country. All I can say is that Skylanders stock over there is really random. Sometimes the shelves are empty. Other times, I spotted a Jade Flashwing. Might get Pop Thorn later. For some reason, the Air element is tempting me more than the Undead, which is my favorite element. I am also liking this new Life element with animals instead of plants, I am kind of glad there are no living trees in this game.

    3. I hear you there...same reason I unboxed those before any of the other "new" Skylanders. The stock is random, it is very well stocked at launch and then just kind of drops off to be replinished at unknown intervals at the different stores...that's why I push for everyone to act NOW as opposed to waiting and griping about how hard it is to find things etc. So far, so good...but with Black Friday everything changes.

      Yeah, I felt they had kind of maxed that out as well...

      Maybe you can land Pop Thorn soon!


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