Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Legendary Zoo Lou and Legendary Night Shift Release Dates via Toys'R'Us Wish Finder

Hey Everyone!

In the event I don't get to upload anything else before Thursday...


I really do enjoy Halloween..It is a great time of the year and a lot of fun.

This video is kind of a cross between a Channel Update and a Heads Up on some new Skylanders SWAP Force Related News.

^The video is taking a long time to process, just use the link until I can embed it etc.^

I will highlight everything with some quick cliff notes to the video.

Channel Update

General Info
-I am 100% Caught Up on the SWAP Force Unboxings
-All the Info and some cool, exclusive pics can be found here on the blog
-I will get back on the Blog Polls as soon as time allows
-I have recorded a little past Chapter 1 in SWAP Force WiiU
--I will edit and upload that ASAP now that I'm caught up on unboxings
-I've got really cool stuff planned for the previously mentioned Blog Polls
-I'll get to the blog comments tonight if all goes well

Skylanders SWAP Force WiiU
-I will likely be doing a "Series" format for SWAP Force
--The Playthrough will be a Series (Part 1-?? etc)
--The Character Introductions will be a Series (Part 1-??)
--Extra Modes will also likely be independent Series
---This is my decision to try and accommodate the really high # of new characters and SWAP combos etc, while keeping the playthrough flowing well...

Skylanders SWAP Force 3DS
-The 3DS Version of SWAP Force is AWESOME!
-I can't tell you how cool and convenient having the entire collection handy has been
-I am really enjoying the story and gameplay thus far

Halloween 2013
-I will be going as Steve/Stevie from Minecraft for Halloween-My Nephew will be an Enderman, also from Minecraft
-There are a lot of Skylander "off the shelf" options and limitless custom routes
--If you made your own Skylander costume, send me pics and I'll feature it on the blog!!
---Do the same with any Skylander Pumpkins

Toys'R'Us Wish Finder
-They mailed their Wish Finder (Christmas Gift Book) today (10/29/2013)
--Skylanders SWAP Force is HEAVILY FEATURED in the Wish Finder
---The special mailing includes a really nice character poster/checklist
-The Wish Finder itself has the same poster/checklist, just not on as thick a paper
-The featured character on the front is Wash Lou (yep, watch the video to see what I mean)

TRU Legendary Release Dates
-Legendary Zoo Lou is out this Sunday, November 3rd, 2013
-Legendary Night Shift is out next Sunday, November 10th, 2013
-A TRU Exclusive Dino-Rang is out Sunday, November 17th, 2013
--I don't know if this is standard fare just on a new production run and they will be the only store to get him, or if they have slightly tweaked the boomerangs the vid for details...I will update you on anything I learn

TRU Bonus Stuff
-Free PowerA Show & Go Case with purchase of $50 in Skylanders Merch
-Free Limited Edition S2 Gill Grunt with purchase of $100 in Skylanders Merch


There is a little more info in there, but it is 620 AM and I'm pretty tired...The internet connection is super slow, so the video may take awhile to process and go live...I will add pics from the Wish Finder tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great Halloween!!  Remember, send in any Skylander related costumes or pumpkins to get them featured on the blog!  Don't forget to head to TRU this Sunday to pick up Legendary Zoo Lou!


  1. They were on the shelf at a TRU near me today! Tried to buy one and they couldn't put it through and realized the street date was 11/3, she took it away from me... grrrrr

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    1. That sucks...I figured stores would already have them and many would prob put them out early...Sometimes they over ride street dates on things like this since the main hold up is just games etc...

      Hope they atleast offered to hold one for you...I never know if the stores will have tons of stock, or do that "we got 6 of them and sold out" bit, lol.

      Good luck Sunday!

  2. Lol! Once again we received the same thing from Toys R Us but I was rushed and only took a brief look. thanks for catching the details!! (I was hoping for at least another paycheck or two before more Skylanders hit-lol. Although that may be partially why these releases are staggered.)
    On a secondary note, Happy Halloween! I made a Halloween Skylander poster/pic-please feel free to grab it at the Orionsislands.blogspot site-and any others. I don't mind people taking them and altering them in any way (don't worry about obliterating the website watermark-I just want people to enjoy them) On a side note, I'm just getting into the habit of saving versions with the watermark and without so people can use them...This whole blog thing takes some technical refinements and tinkering as you go to smooth

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    1. Nice...I'm thinking newspaper versions will just be the catalog...

      It was pretty funny to see Wash Lou featured though, haha.

      The good news with these two is that they will be affordable...However, W3 could very easily hit before Black Friday, and that would get expensive...Note that the W2 Triple Packs still haven't surfaced, lol...It'll be the same way with subsequent waves.

      Likewise...Halloween is awesome! I will check the posters out from work tomororw...I'm just now catching up on the blog comments...I had planned to play Ch 2 tonight and it is now 320 AM so I may bail on that :( I will likely go thru another mission on the 3DS version, haha...That one has been pretty fun thus far!

      Good luck Sunday!

      I just stick names/watermarks on everything since a lot of times people will just take what you post and copy/paste to their own site without crediting the original source of the content etc...I can't stop people from doing that, but I can make really long articles and posts most folks will recognize as my own and at least make the person take the time to copy the pics themselves, or remain lazy enough to at least promote the blog they stole from, lol...

      If you ever do anything really cool, put your name on it! I link back to sites/blogs etc, but most will take it and pass it off as their own...

  3. hmmm...Thanks for the advice...I am formulating a strategy here...Watermark releases only for the unique stuff...and both marked and unmarked for the rest. I'm just hitting the ground with this and now I plan to pick up speed.

    The Dino Rang scenario was a definite surprise. I really like his character and even picked up a second figure to pursue the second path. But I've been so busy, he's still in the box! If this is a variation of some sort that would really make my day!

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  4. happy Halloween good luck everyone!

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