Sunday, October 13, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Wave Unboxing Preview

As you may have known I was extremely busy this weekend...

That said, I made time to get a lot of Skylander SWAP Force stuff going...Sadly, my internet connection is currently like a square wheel going up a hill.

With that being the case, I went ahead and made this video LIVE to kind of showcase what all was coming up etc.  It is like an unboxing preview of an unboxing!

Fear not, I have the videos lined up to go, they just aren't able to get uploaded due to the connection.  In fact, the featured video here seems to loose audio around the 12 minute mark :(

That said, this is still pretty cool and gives you a first hand look at what to look for today!

I will be heading to town shortly to look for everything else!

Anything in this box catch your eye?

Good luck today and I hope you track down who you are looking for!

If the audio doesn't return here, and the next video takes as long to upload I will re-render the vids in a slightly lower quality to at least get them uploaded for you.


  1. One thing interesting to note on your Hoot Loop box. It says his catchphrase is "Whip up a Storm" but it is actually "Lets Ruffle some Feathers" they put Free Ranger' catchphrase on Hoot Loop's box.

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    1. That is correct...mentioned seeing a few post that on the blog feed...Funny thing is that the translation remains correct!

  2. Hey! :D Thought I'd let you know who I got on day one, and who they're holding for me (quite a few, to be exact!) at Gamestop. Once I can post my pictures on G+, you'll see 'em.

    Also, if you need to know EXACT release dates for some of the Skylanders Swap Force, I'm your gal! Why? Well, us Power Up Rewards members get to join what's called the "Skylanders Adventures Club", and one of the perks there is learning when the new figures come out before they come out! Plus, for ever six Skylanders I purchase, I get one free! And it can be Single, Triple, Battle, or even Adventure Packs! Pretty cool, huh?

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    1. Looking forward to seeing what you got! I'm not sure if I'll wind up on that or not, I think they told me you had to be a "Pro" Member, which is the one that has an annual fee...I'd love to do it, but I also like to try and find sales etc. Let me know if they let you in just being regular, of if you are a pro member etc.

    2. Yea, you have to be a Pro member, but at least I'll have the heads up when the exclusive gets announced (who knows when that'll be), but I've gotten four more today - Countdown (a friend up there said he's going fast, so he was held with Warnado, Spyro, and Star Strike, Magna Charge, as well as Zoo Loo right now. Should've had 'em hold me Roller Brawl as well!), Rattle Shake, Hoot Loop, and Free Ranger. I'm also to level four or five already, and the reason the Swappers got picked up now is because I've already seen their challenges. Good to know Gorilla Drilla is coming out soon... I'll need him shortly as well... And Fire Kraken, whoot! Been waiting for that bugger for a while!

      However, for some reason, my pictures aren't sending from my phone... Kaos is at it again... XP

    3. I'm likely going to skip a few characters beforehand of the old crew (besides those I need a second character of, like Warnado, Wham-Shell, and Camo), this time around, except for if I can snare 'em in the special I get with the Adventure Club specials.Series two characters, like Chill and Pop Fizz and Sprocket, I'll likely get to see their Wow-Pows, but the main draw this time for me will be the newlanders and Swappers, and only if I like a certain Swapper's paths enough that I want two, I'll get two. Giants had way too much fun on their paths, and the upgrading for the Swappers are confusing.

      First impressions of the characters I've been using of the Newlanders/Swappers are this:
      - Slobber Tooth - loving his B button attack more than his grab attack, and getting the armor early in the path before the pick a path is great! He's been leveling up like crazy right now!
      - Pop Thorn - This guy's silly as he is fun, but my favorite way to play with him is puffed up, unless I need him to pop and go small.
      - Wash Buckler - I dig his voice, and I'm loving the swordplay. He's gonna get used A LOT in his game.
      - Blast Zone - Kinda iffy in his attacks, but at least his saving grace is his awesome voice and the fun in the Swap Zone.

      As for the game itself, I haven't seen the HC's yet, but the Arena Challenges are back, and they're as fun as ever! Also, the stages are made for multiple playthroughs, especially if you don't have all the Swap Force characters that you need for 'em. Lots of secrets to be found as well.

    4. Yep...Maybe the GS AC will help you land some for free that you otherwise would have skipped :D

      You can use the strategy guide to preview Wow Pows...some are not as good as their previous S2 counterparts :(

      I'm limited to a few battles and Ch 1 right now, although I am enjoying the 3DS version!

      I played a lot as Slobber Tooth though too...

      I agree that the upgrades get nutty in terms of keeping them straight and thinking about having multiple options per half with the daunting combo ability of 256 unique characters :s It is a bit overwhelming.

      I do like that the Giants are still needed in this game though...that was a nice touch!

      I also think they should have left Heroics, even if they were scaled back to just "new" characters etc...Lots of people complaining about not being able to upgrade speed etc.

  3. Do u know what the "mega poster" in the dark starter pack is? As I can't get in on day 1 my mate at eb games is holding all the characters I want:
    Dark starter
    3ds starter
    Hoot loop
    Magna charge
    Roller brawl
    Zoo Lou
    As you can see I am not going all out this time im only getting some characters in each wave

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    1. I forgot to mention that I am also getting the tower of time ap and the fiery forge bp

    2. Yes, it is very cool...I posted some pics in the Dark Edition SP Unboxing. It is the size of movie posters, or a bit larger. You will like it.

      That is a good strategy...I really think there are starting to be too many, at least without a huge game and lots of cash. I love the variety and all, but I want to be able to really play and enjoy the characters I have.

      That is a good line up...The main draw to getting the S2 or S3 is again the pose if you like it, and maybe an upgraded WowPow...

  4. how did you get it for free

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