Friday, October 18, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing Fiery Forge Battle Pack

What: Skylanders SWAP Force Fiery Forge Battle Pack
What is Included: Fiery Forge, Bumble Blast, Knockout Terrafin, Cards, & Sticker Sheets
Where Did You Get It: Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost: $25.99 plus tax (BOGO 40%)
What Was Stock Like: Nicely Stocked

This battle pack is the bee's knees!  In addition to having my favorite character, Terrafin's latest repose, the Fiery Forge Battle Pack (BP) also has one of the most impressive items I've seen, and a new, exciting character that has me acting the part of a "beeliever" in Bumble Blast.

The Fiery Forge piece not only unlocks the Fiery Forge Battle Arena, but also unlocks the Ring-Out Arena of the same name.  While in story mode, the Fiery Forge serves as an assist that drops molten metal when enemies get within a set radius of you.

Knockout Terrafin is back in Series 3 Trim with his new Wow Pow, "Have You Met My Kids" highlighted in the repose.  This Wow Pow lets you come out of a burrow and claw slash your foes while they get hit with mini-sharks!  You aren't done there as you continue on in Earth Swim!  This means you can move in untouched, unleash the fury, and leave in the safety of a burrow.  However, it is also said you can almost immediately execute a belly flop to really do some damage.

Bumble Blast is my Tree Rex meets Zook meets Stump Smash hybrid, and it looks like his borrowing elements of each will result in a very fun Skylander to play.  He has a Beezooka that upgrades all the way to shooting the Queen Bee and his other path upgrades his secondary Honey Glob attacks.

Knockout Terrafin
Earth Element, Series 3

Slogan: "It's Feeding Time!"

Card Stats:
-Power: 100/200
-Armor: 100/200
-Agility: 50/200
-Luck: 70/200
-Totals: 320/800

Bumble Blast 
Life Element, SF Newlander

Slogan: "The Perfect Storm!"
Card Stats:
-Power: 85/200
-Armor: 85/200
-Agility: 50/200
-Luck: 90/200
-Totals: 310/800


  1. The adventure pack and Fiery Forge arrived in the mail yesterday (Ordered online-prerelease). Both look great...The surprise for us was that the fiery forge itself seems to be a lightcore...I noted it on the fly with my son so I wasnt exactly sure if it was well channeled light thru the base from the portal or if it was indeed a lightcore...If so an impressive addition to a non character set piece!!!
    Sidenote: We put Pumpkin Eyebrawl on the portal in game and he showed up as standard Eye Brawl. So no backwards variant least for PEB. Not really disappointing or even expected but just noting it as per previously discussed conjecture.

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    1. Hmm, I haven't tried that yet, lol...I'll have to see...It was a very impressive piece! Very, very well detailed for just being an "accessory" to the game if you will...same goes for Tower of Time's location piece.

      I really wish they'd have updated him...would have been perfect for Halloween...I understand not doing chase variants, but I think the "specials" like him, should be treated like Gnarly and Scarlet when possible (ie later games). However, in SF it looks like they mapped a few out...just need to see if they display in game that way or not.


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