Sunday, October 13, 2013

Unboxing Skylanders SWAP Force Nintendo Wii U Starter Pack

What: Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack for Nintendo Wii U
What Does It Cost? $74.99 plus tax
What is Included?  Video Game, Collector Poster, New Portal of Power, Stat Cards, Sticker Sheet with Web Codes
-Characters: Blast Zone, Wash Buckler, Ninja Stealth Elf

Kind of a bitter sweet moment realizing that it is probably a better option to pick the game up on the Wii U than the trust old Wii.  It is kind of like the transition point.  I have several Wii U games, but they are primarily launch titles, or system exclusives...SWAP Force marks a transition point for me.  I guess you might as well go big, right?

The Wii U Starter Pack for SWAP Force is very nicely packaged.  I can not tell you how slick the New Portal is!  The detail on it is immaculate (hence why I picked it as the featured screen shot for the video).  It really is a step up...It has a new, lean build, but is noticeably wider an features a corded power supply (yeah for saving on batteries!).

You can't go wrong with Ninja Stealth Elf being a Starter Pack character as she will bring familiarity and good balance to veterans, and a well rounded "regular" Skylander for new comers to the series.

Wash Buckler and Blast Zone seem to be opposites, but that is why they are perfect for SWAP Force...Their "Swapping" has that nice, memorable contrast to really highlight the newest selling point of the series.

That said, here is the video, enjoy:

Once my internet connection gets the ball moving you can find the Nintendo Wii U Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack unboxing here:

Skylanders SWAP Force not only impresses out of the box, it will provide hours of family fun entertainment.  The play options are almost limitless and your new power truly is choice!


  1. Having trouble finding Dark Edition. The only one I found was reserved. Fortunately, the people at GameStop reserved one for us. I may get it tomorrow.

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    1. That is the story all around...apparently very limited, if not entirely sold least at this point. Hope you were able to get it!

  2. Had a checklist, my son, no sleep and a blast! on Release Day! Got to Walmart at Ohh-dark thirty to find the palatte of SwapForce boxes in the middle of an isle, still wrapped in plastic!!lol...Came to find the Magic Triple Pack was no where!?! Did I miss the memo? Moved along to Target, Gamestop and finally, Toys R Us, which had a magnificent display and no one else there...smooth and relaxed!! Sadly, no variants to be seen but all objectives achieved!! Last note: decided against the Target Double pack--Just couldn't bring myself to spend $15 on a duplicate Rattle Shake when I was sure a variant was coming in the future...Have to work out Nitro Magna Charge some other way!!
    Final, final note: Couldn't agree more on the Portal....The Dark Edition looked great and the Portal really finished out the set!

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    1. The most impressive thing about that story is that your Walmart had the stuff going out just after midnight. I wasted hours, in the middle of Sunday afternoon, trying to find a store that had a display and/or employees willing to find the stock in the was a mess.

      That is my deal, I really think Rattle Shake will wind up with something speicial, or a repaint, but I can't guarantee it, just a gut feeling. That said, my Target is notorious for never getting their special stuff back, so I pulled the trigger...went the RS route due to L-Free Ranger.

      I was in Target tonight after leaving with most of W2 from TRU and they hand NO Double Packs. Lots of ple tell me their Target had tons of stock...mine didn't, and now it has nothing..I'll monitor to see if it ever returns...Granite Crusher did not :s

      TRU really did have a great set up once more...Did you score the special Gill Grunt with $100?

      Hope y'all are enjoying the game!

  3. Granite Crusher still stings...! Never found!
    Did they issue you the special Gill Grunt?!? I had to explain the promotion to them at our TRU (They were really thankful as they had a few calls about it and no clue what to say!) The official word here is they will email some sort of notification or code in December and they will ship out to us in early January...something to look forward to but I'm afraid it will slip my mind!

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    1. I hear that...literally not exagerrating when I say I got the last 2 on launch day and they never returned...hence why I hit Target first for the Nitro Magna Charge DP.

      Ah, had not heard that...My store took phone numbers, lol...but since it is Rewards R Us I suppose they can email based on that if it databases things...

      I will do my best to remember it, lol...I'll be posting as I learn more or actually get it...Hope they don't botch it though :s


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