Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing Legendary Free Ranger

What: Toys'R'Us Exclusive Legendary Free Ranger, Air Element, SWAP Force, Spin
Where Did You Get It: Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost: $16.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like: Very well stocked!

Unboxing TRU Exclusive Legendary Free Ranger

Legendary Free Ranger
Air Element, SWAP Force, Spin

Slogan: "Whip Up a Storm!"

Card Stats:
Power: 115/200
Agility: 110/200
Luck: 100/200
Totals: 475/800

Card Stats vs Free Ranger
Agility: 105:110, +5 Legendary
Luck: 90:100, +10 Legendary
Overall: 460:475, +15 Legendary


  1. Could not find a single L-Free Ranger at TRU, but I got a Grilla Drilla today. Also, I got the Wii U dark edition. I am quite happy with my Swap Force army!

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    1. Nice...I think the Dark Edition is a killer set up...and makes for a far more intimidating fleet! Mine has quite a few Legendaries left over and I also scored Grilla Drilla...He looks good in the packaging!

    2. All the Skylanders look good in the packaging. They all really look like they are ready to jump in action.
      You did not get Fire Kraken or Night Shift? There were plenty in my Toys R Us? I found plenty, but it decided to take care of the new Swap Force element, which was dig. From what it looks like, we will not see Thorn Horn Camo and Stink Bomb for a while. We won't be able to access the Stealth Zones. That's the one that interested me most. Maybe Trap Shadow will come before expected. I just think he will be the Ninjini of Skylanders Swap Force, not given to much attention at first, and then transformed into a fan-favorite.
      I really want Doom Stone. Seeing that he has a shield, that will prove useful against Kaos.

      Good luck trying to catch Night Shift and Fire Kraken!

    3. Yeah, I have landed them now of course...just now getting to catch up on everything etc.

      But fwiw my local TRU still doesn't have good (see also any) stock on the "new" W2 Swappers...Plenty of Rip Tide, Scorp etc, but not so for the SF.

      I think Trap Shadow will be pretty popular as well...

      That is what kills me with no Stealth available...with so many out on launch week it makes sense to do 1 of each ability...Blows my mind as to the logic...That is what was bad about SSA when you had to wait to access parts of the game etc. Should have 1 of everything needed on Day 1 imo.


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