Sunday, October 20, 2013

Skylanders Cuteness Contest: Pop Thorn vs Wrecking Ball

Step aside Miley...the gauntlet has been thrown!

While unboxing the Tower of Time Adventure Pack I rehashed Pop Thorn's background just begs for someone to settle the score regarding who the "cutest" Skylander really is.

This one is straight forward.  Vote for whichever Skylander you think is the "cuter" of the two: Wrecking Ball or Pop Thorn.

I'll leave this one open until mid-late November. You can find the poll on the Right Hand Side of the Blog, just below the Twitter Feed.


  1. While "Cuteness" is not a factor generally looked for in vanquishing has been known to bring down an empire or My son immediately noted the cuteness factor of PopThorn. I gotta go with him. Pop Thorn has an advantage: Two distinct looks-Inflated and Un-inflated, which gives him an extra chance over Wrecking Ball to inflict his "Awwwwwww!!!"

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  2. Pop thorn because he does a little butt wiggle in his intro and when I popped you can hear his squeaky little waddle so cute!

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