Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing Target Exclusive Nitro Magna ChargeDouble Pack with Rattle Shake

What: Target Exclusive Double Pack with Nitro Magna Charge and Rattle Shake
Where Did You Get It? Target
What Did It Cost: $29.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like? Very Limited at my local store, although others report good stock

Unboxing Nitro Magna Charge from the Target Exclusive Double Pack

Nitro Magna Charge sounded really cool, and then pics surfaced online...he didn't look so great.  I was never one of the ones to go in a tumult and swear not to buy him, but I was disappointed.  That all changed when I actually unboxed him!  Even in the packaging he looked a bit lackluster.  Once freed from the plastic coffin, he truly shines.  Nitro Magna Charge is an alt-deco of Magna Charge and really does look good.  He has a light, gold metallic paint complete with a checkered flag look on his shoulder pad and fender.

The real perk of course is just landing an in-game variant.  The other advantage to that position is being able to explore both Body and Legs down each path.

My justification for getting the Nitro Magna Charge & Rattle Shake Double Pack was simple.  I have the 3DS version, which contains both Free Ranger and Rattle Shake.  With TRU having Legendary Free Ranger, that will cover both of his paths on each end.  That leaves Rattle Shake as the logical, and cost effective choice.  If Rattle Shake gets a spin off, we will just have to suck it up and pull the trigger later.

Nitro Magna Charge
Tech Element, SWAP Force, Speed

Slogan: "Attract to Attack!"

SWAP Zone Power: Speed

Card Stats:
-Power: 110/200
Armor: 90/200
Agility: 190/200
Luck: 70/200
Totals: 460/800
--Exact Same as Regular Magna Charge

Rattle Shake
Undead Element, SWAP Force, Bounce

Slogan: "Go Ahead, Snake My Day!"

SWAP Zone Power: Bounce

Card Stats:
Power: 85/200
Armor 100/200
Agility: 145/200
Luck: 130/200
Totals: 460/800


  1. I found the solution for us concerning Nitro. As previously discussed, it came down to the expense of a character we really don't need: Rattle Shake (assuming the Variant likely in the works for him). The solution was L/C Hex! We got 2: 1 with the Dark Edition from G/S and a second from the 3DS starter pack. We returned one of our L/C Hex's for $12.99 and put that toward the Nitro double pack to defray the out of pocket expense. Not gonna rock the financial world but it helps my mental financial zen....And Nitro does look pretty good!

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    1. haha, good call! That kind of makes the "extra" RS $2-3 which is more than justified. I was very surprised with Nitro, the online pics prior to his release are way off on color. Looks good in person, especially out of the packaging!


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