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Review of PowerA's Skylanders SWAP Force Stackable Tackle Box

What: PowerA's Skylanders SWAP Force Stackable Tackle Box
Where Did You Get It: Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost: $24.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like: Decent Stock
Any Sales: Yes! Spend $25 on Skylanders or Accessories and get a FREE Show & Go Case

Overview of PowerA's Skylanders SWAP Force Stackable Takcle Box and Show & Go Case

Despite how cool the new PowerA line up items are for SWAP Force, I noticed a recurring trend amongst followers...The most interesting item PowerA had that was a "must buy" was not Flynn's Ship or the FunPlay HideAway, but rather the Stackable Tackle Box.

No one can deny how cool Flynn's Ship or the Island Display set is (especially if stores set up a demo, or the packaging has a good detailed view...I've seen both in person and I think they will be hot ticket items for Christmas), but there is something else no one can deny...

If you are a Skylanders veteran, or SWAP Force hooks you on the series, you are going to have a LOT of Skylanders.  For those of us who have been around since SSA, or even many that discovered the series with Giants, space is at a premium.

Most of us can only display a select few of our very favorite Skylanders, or rotate out "the display."  This means that a lot of your Skylanders need a nice, safe place to reside when they aren't on the Portal of Power being called upon to thwart one of Kaos' plans for world domination and the spread of "The Darkness."

I've seen some folks using boxes and bags...Others pick up Stanley tool boxes to sort the collection some...My method is those cheap $2 shoe containers from Target...although I do keep the giants in a shoe box...It has the hinged lid and fits the taller giants perfectly while standing upgright...

However, what if I were to tell you that your Skylander Collection could be stored safely, neatly, and organized all at the same time?  Want all your Legendary and "special" figures together?  Or do you prefer to sort by Element?  Maybe you like to divide things up by the game, keeping Green, Orange, and Blue based Skylanders apart...

Regardless of your method, PowerA's Stackable Tackle Box has you covered!

Not only will this house a lot of Skylanders, it is adjustable so you can sort them as you please and maximize the interior real estate for either maximum capacity, or optimum showcasing!

The biggest perk though is going up...The Stackable Tackle box allows users to purchase multiple units and stack their Skylanders with the same, small foot print of floor space!

The top lid has a raised lip around the entire perimeter to keep the above box perfectly in place.  Working double duty, the Stackable Tackle Box has small risers on the bottom that anchor perfectly when stacked inside the lip of the case below.

The lid is a SWAP Force green with Elemental logos etched onto the is very sharp.  The lid is held in place with two side clasps and a frontal slide tab (great insurance for the times the case may be grabbed by the lid without the side clasps secure.  It is very light and easy to carry with hand pockets just below the two side clasps.

The interior consists of black plastic dividers. The longitudinal dividers are fixed into place with pre-positioned slots for smaller, dividers to slide in place.  You can choose to configure it as is (nice capacity and accommodating several sizes of figures), or custom tailor it to your needs.

Can you name all the Skylanders?  See anything else out of place?

The other perk is as opposed to a tool box, molded case, shoe box, or any other work around, the PowerA case features full character artwork on 3 sides!  This, coupled with the lid, makes for a very slick setup that is sure to please any Skylander fan.

Coming from PowerA you know the quality will be there and you'll have years of service from the product.  When not used solely for "storage" the cases work great as a "transit" to get those all important favorite characters to a friend's house or cross country on a trip.

I picked mine up Thursday night and thanks to the promotion at Toys'R'Us (Spend $25 on Skylanders or Skylander Accessories) I was able to land a FREE PowerA Skylanders SWAP Force Show & Go Case.  This is great for quick trips and kids who have a vested interest in checking out their favorite characters.  It isn't the same great solution for mass storage, but will work perfectly to keep a few characters and most importantly, take them on the go with you! 

The Show & Go Case retails for $14.99 and features clear, see-through windows on both the front and back sides to allow for easy viewing.  The center has a nice, sturdy velcro divider that can be used, or removed.  Both the front and back sides have independent zippers to help keep things extra secure.  Up top you will find a nice, stitched handle to easily carry around a few of your favorite characters.

Something to note on both products is that I believe their estimates on "holds up to xx Characters" has been greatly under rated.  I could easily exceed the limits on either case and feel fine doing so...

My local stores have yet to get the big ticket items like Flynn's Ship or the island based FunPlay HideAway, but be sure to check them out when you get the chance...I am one of the few to see them in person, and I'm not sure the picture and videos really do it justice...I think you will be very impressed if you check it out in person!

That said, the buzz among veterans was correct...This Stackable Tackle Box is a great storage solution for any Skylanders collection.  It looks great and performs its task quite efficiently.

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