Wednesday, October 9, 2013 Reveals Skylanders SWAP Force Super Starer Bundle with Battle or Adventure Pack

While making the rounds tonight (mainly hoping I could turn in a pre-order for the Rattle Shake + Nitro Magna Charge Double Pack at Target), I found a listing I hadn't seen since last time (which was last night, haha). was showing some mega bundle that got my attention...namely because it included a few character sets past the Starter Pack AND some cards and other unknown items...

Check it out:
Nintendo 3DS Super Starter Bundle

Skylanders Swap Force Super Starter Bundle with Battle Pack (Nintendo 3DS)

Nintendo Wii U Super Starer Bundle

Skylanders Swap Force Super Starter Bundle with Battle Pack (Nintendo Wii U)

Pretty interesting set up, is it not?  Each offering lets you select between the Adventure Pack (Tower of Time), or Battle Pack (Fiery Forge).  Here is a list of the "official contents:"

The Skylanders Swap Force Super Starter Bundle with Battle Pack includes a Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack, Swap Force Triple Pack # 1 (includes Lava Barf Eruptor, Slobber Tooth, and Super Gulp Pop Fizz, 3 Trading Cards, and 3 Sticker Sheets with secret codes), Swap Force Fiery Forge Battle Pack (includes Bumble Blast and Series 3 Knockout Terrafin figures, the Fiery Forge Battle/Magic figure, 3 Trading Cards, and 3 Sticker Sheets with secret codes), a Topps Swap Force Trading Card Tin (includes 4 packs of Trading Cards, 1 Skylanders Dog Tag, Bonus pack of Trading Cards, and Tin), 4 additional packs of Topps Swap Force Trading Cards, a Topps Swap Force Qubi 3D Picture Cube/Stamp, and a Skylanders Giants Scarlet Ninjini Figure.

Breaking that down to something you can understand a bit better, we have:
-Starter Pack
-Triple Pack #1 (Lava Barf Eruptor, Slobber Tooth, and Super Gulp Pop Fizz)
-Fiery Forge Battle Pack (Bumble Blast, Fiery Forge, Knockout Terrafin)
-Tower of Time Adventure Pack (Pop Thorn, Tower of Time, Battle Hammer, Sky Diamond)
-Scarlet Ninjini
-Topps SWAP Force Trading Card Tin with 4 Packs
-Dog Tag
-Bonus Pack of Trading Cards and Tin (really bad description, photo, or both)
-4 Additional Packs of Cards (Perhaps in the "bonus tin"?)
-Topps SWAP Force Qubi 3D Picture Cube/Stamp

I am still unclear as to whether they mean you get 2 Tins with 4 Packs Each (8 Total Packs), or something diferently all together.  I also have no clue what that Qubi thing is...The description and picture leave a bit to be desired, but it might be interesting.

Now, is this set up worth it?  I personally do not think so...

However, if you (or your kids or a person you might give this to) needs Scarlet Ninjini AND is a big fan o the Trading Cards, you might consider it...I don't quite have the details to make a rough guess on the pricing on the cards, but we do know this:
-Starter Pack $75
-Triple Pack $25
-Battle Pack/Adventure Pack $25
-Scarlet Ninjini $15

We can call those items at $140.  If the Tins, Cards, Dog Tag, and Qubi are worth more than $24 to you, go for it...Again, personally I think you would really need/want Scarlet and be into the cards to do this...

If the total package was say, $150 I might be more of a promoter.  As is, you can get the key items and save...But again, if you are into the cards, or really need Scarlet, this is well worth considering!  I got into the cards in Giants and they are very nice...I don't know if the quantity in the packs that makes it hard to truly evaluate from a cost/benefit perspective.

Personally, I think a better approach would have been to include the Nitro Magna Charge Double Pack of your choice etc.

Nonetheless, if you are interested in the Super Starter Bundle you can find it for any system here:

*Also of note, you do not seem to get LightCore Hex with this one!
**Another key aspect is that this is not available until 10/24/2013 (I would guess that ties in with Scarlet Ninjini's estimated arrival)

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