Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wave 2 Is Here and More is Coming: Boom Jet, Fire Kracken, Grilla Drilla, Riptide, Scorp, and More!

Just a heads up, I'll try to make quick video for this later tonight as well...

I had an e-mail from Toys'R'Us stating that tomorrow, Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 they would have some brand new Skylanders before anyone else!  They explicitly list out: Fire Kracken, Grilla Drilla, and Boom Jet!!  Very exciting news, however they also add "Fire Kracken, Boom Jet, and 10 Others."  That means we should see those 3 Swappers and 9 Additional "new" Skylanders.

However, while you wait, you might check out Sam's Club.  The Walmart bulk store has reportedly gotten in some Wave 2 Singles, including:
-SWAP Force Newlanders Riptide, Scorp, and Star Strike Single Packs
-SWAP Force Series 2: Heavy Duty Sprocket
-SWAP Force Series 3: Twin Blade Chop Chop, Anchors Away Gill Grunt, Knockout Terrafin, and Big Bang Trigger Happy
-SWAP Force Triple Packs:
--Triple Pack 3: Anchors Away Gill Grunt, Star Strike, Big Bang Trigger Happy
--Triple Pack 4: Twin Blade Chop Chop, Scorp, Heavy Duty Sprocket

*Note that the Triple Pack order may be incorrect in both # and character listings.

The big surprise to me is that Knockout Terrafin is out in a Single Pack.  The game dropped 2 days ago and you would think they would keep him exclusive to the Battle Pack at least until the holiday season, if not longer.

If we try to account for TRU's listed "12 New" we would have this:

Boom Jet, Grilla Drilla, Fire Kracken, Riptide, Scorp, Star Strike, Heavy Duty Sprocket, Twin Blade Chop Chop, Anchors Away Gill Grunt, Big Bang Trigger Happy (That is 10).  If we include Knockout Terrafin we are up to 11.  There has been some speculation that TRU might have Night Shift in the mix...

I will try to find out tomorrow if at all possible.  Nonetheless, this is some great and very unexpected news!

I have to say, with Star Strike surfacing in her regular Series 2 form, Walmart's Magic Triple Pack is really a waste.  I have been loaded down with feedback from other folks having the same, similar, and in a few cases, worse experiences than myself at their launch day event, or lack there of...

I will update this with pictures and a video later tonight...My internet is still very slow, so work with me.

Hope everyone is enjoying the game!  I am stoked for Scorp and Riptide, let alone the new Swappers!!


  1. Man, I can't believe how fast Wave 2 is getting here! I'm seriously going to have trouble getting all of the Skylanders I saw at Gamestop before the next wave hits! X_X

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    1. No kidding! I think last year the "surprise release at TRU" was at least a few weeks after launch...The good news for you is that GS.com lists all the same characters, so they have to be coming pretty soon...I'm going to have mine alerted to hold Fire Kracken and Night Shift since I missed them :s Got most everyone else tonight...naturally, no TP3 or TP4 to soften the blow, lol.

  2. Wave 2 was indeed there at TRU !!! The staff said they had no idea until yesterday night at @6:30 pm. Found the lot!! My guess was @6 of each character from Wave 2...I was expecting to wait @1-2 months for Boom Jet!!! Ohh! And they had Night Shift!!! Now I hope they wait on Wave 3 a bit...wallet recovery time!! Lol!

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    1. Glad you saw the post and got em while the getting was good! They did this last year with Giants (just not this early) and it was a pain for 98% of the population to track down Hot Head..That release also had the original Gill Grunt and Bash S2 singles as well as Sprocket and Flashwing I believe...I got 2 of the 4 Swappers...Night Shift and Boom Jet are a killer combo!

  3. Btw...Thanks! I didn't check my email and had no idea this was happening until I saw your post!

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