Monday, October 14, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing Hoot Loop

What: Hoot Loop, SWAP Force, Magic Element, Teleport
Where Did You Get It? Target
What Did It Cost? $14.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like: Plenty at all stores

Hoot Loop is one of the SWAPPERS we have seen a lot of content on...And he has always impressed me and looked like a real "hoot" to play with.  He starts out with Dejaboom, think Double Trouble's primary attack, up top and basic teleport abilities for his legs.  He uprades both quite well and even has Hypnotic abilities...Yep, he is going to be awesome!

One interesting thing about this first round of Hoot Loop's is his catchphrase or slogan.  The correct one is, "Let's Ruffle Some Feathers!"  However, as many of you noted in the unboxing preview video I did, the packaging denotes "Whip Up a Storm!" which is Free Ranger's slogan!

This really does nothing for the value like a "chase" variant etc, but for some collectors it is a factory error and makes it desirable (as will having a corrected one coming up!).  The funny thing is, and I have to give credit to my Nephew for noticing this, is that the translation below is in fact correct!  Not in the sense it translates Free Ranger's "Whip Up a Storm!" but rather that it matches what would be Hoot Loop's "Let's Ruffle Some Feathers!"

The other thing of note is that at least at my local TRU almost all of their Hoot Loops are disassembled in the mint packaging!  I find this odd because I think he has been one of the toughest to unboxing, meaning he is really well packaged.  

Hoot Loop
Magic Element, SWAP Force, SWAP Power: Teleport

Slogan: "Let's Ruffle Some Feathers!"

Card Stats:
-Power: 100/200
-Armor: 100/200
-Agility: 60/200
-Luck: 200/200
-Totals: 460/800

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