Saturday, October 26, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Unboxing LightCore Flashwing

What: LightCore Flashwing, Earth Element,
Where Did You Get It? Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost? $13.99 plus tax (BOGO40%)
What Was Stock Like? Well Stocked!
What is Included: LC Flashwing, Stat Card, and Sticker Sheet

Unboxing LightCore Flashwing: Literally Blinded by the Light!

Earth Element, Giant Newlander, SF LC

Slogan: "Blinded by the Light!"

Card Stats
Power: 55/200
Armor: 90/200
Agility: 90/200
Luck: 90/200
Totals: 325/800

On the Portal, Front View:

On the Portal, Backside:


  1. Told ya you'd be impressed! I've been playing around with the gal for a bit now, as you can guess. :)

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    1. Oh yeah, she easily puts out the most light imo...I think even more than Prism Break! I rank her and Smolderdash as the best SF LC thus far.


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